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Richard W J Koh is a Singaporean photographer who considers photography a mystical art where one harvests light which comes from Above. Since Richard’s early years to today, his keen eye and mind for design, mechanics and aesthetics is evident in his photography and work, notably without relying on gimmicks or special effects.

Although Richard holds a Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering (with a thesis on biomechanical design of spinal implants) and filed two design patents in just three years at HP (Singapore), he made a mid-career switch in 2003, from R&D engineering to photography. This unusual career move was featured on TV.

Richard’s photographs have been exhibited in New York, San Francisco, Dhaka, Hong Kong, Singapore, and they have represented Singapore at ASEAN Day in Bangkok. Since the late 1990s, he has received multiple international photo competition awards, including several from International Photography Awards and Prix de la Photographie, Paris. One of his rare photos using light painting was featured in National Geographic Magazine.

Richard’s clients range from the government to Fortune Global 500 MNCs to editorial clients from around the world. He has photographed Emmy Award winning director Gale Edwards for Sony, Michael Bolton in concert for the Handa Foundation and the Sandcrawler Building interior for George Lucas. In the air, Richard has photographed urbanscapes and landscapes from various aircraft in various countries. The landmark book Over Singapore launched in July 2015 contains extensive rare aerial photos of Singapore taken by Richard. Most of the time, he is sought after to produce impressive authentic photographs of real subjects for various corporate, editorial and content marketing purposes. 

Currently based in Singapore, Richard runs Amaranthine Photos, mainly focusing on architectural, corporate, industrial, aerial, editorial and fine art photography. On and off assignments, Richard is on the lookout for the next rare, real, remarkable and hard-to-replicate photograph.



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Instagram: @amaranthinephotos

What is Amaranthine Photos

Amaranthine means eternally beautiful and unfading; everlasting. Amaranthine Photos seeks to capture in photographs what is of lasting value in various aspects. Founded in 2008 by multi-award-winning Singaporean photographer, Richard W J Koh (professional since 2003), Amaranthine photos has served discerning clients from Fortune Global 500 MNCs, to international editorial clients and governments. Richard’s main focus is in captivating aerial, architectural, cityscape, corporate, editorial and fine art photography.

Categories of Photography Services (and some examples)
  • Aerial - photography from aircraft such as helicopter, from tall buildings or vantage points, for land surveying, destination promotion, real estate promotion.
  • Architectural - Photography of buildings, construction, city views, iconic landmarks, design elements.
  • Conceptual - photography as designs, of design work, abstract subjects, aesthetics.
  • Corporate - executive portraits, photography of corporate identities, products and services, photography for annual reports.
  • Documentary - photography for reports, of various projects, processes, proceedings, atmospheres of places and events, human work, photo illustration.
  • Editorial - photography for magazines, books, publications, websites.
  • Fine Art - photography of various subjects of artistic value, photographs for sale as fine art prints.
  • Industrial - photography of engineering work, people at work, research and development, manufacturing, heavy industries, transportation, logistics services, energy production, waste disposal, construction work.
  • Still Life - products, artifacts, relics, archaeological remains, museum exhibits, artistic objects.
  • Travel - photography of people, places and cultures around the world, for destination promotion.

Some photos in this website are also available for licensed corporate uses or as fine art prints. Please email to enquire at: [email protected].