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Photographs showing subjects related to sustainability, climate change, pollution, human impact on the environment of the earth. Global warming. Marina Barrage in Singapore. Solar park panels, city skyline, reservoir, dam, water recycling, tide control. Waste management. Recycling. Fresh water resources, reservoir. Urban farming. Anthropocene.
Allan Lim, Comcrop, corporate portrait. Urban farming.Comcrop. Urban farming.Comcrop. Urban farming.Comcrop. Urban farming.Comcrop. Urban farming.Jack Sim, Founder of World Toilet OrganisationIndustrial, Research and DevelopmentIndustrial, Research and DevelopmentIndustrial, Research and DevelopmentArt Science Museum, Marina Bay, Cityscape, SingaporeMarina Bay East Garden, Cityscape, SingaporeCloud ForestMarina reservoir, Marina Bay, cityscape, SingaporeMarina reservoir, Marina Bay, cityscape, SingaporeCityscape, SingaporeCityscape, SingaporeSeletar reservoirSeletar reservoirGreen interiorCeladon Motel & Pottery Coromandel Area, New Zealand

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