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Dried remains of plants although somewhat dead and lifeless still present most beautiful images. Somehow the aesthetics of these interesting structures continue to shine forth beyond their life, with their ethereal form revealed under a special light. Perhaps they tell us too of a new glory beyond this earthly life. This is my personal foray into light painting to explore photography at its fundamental level in literally painting with light. The subjects are all parts of plants found naturally in Singapore.
01-Seed forest-WJ3H728503-Angsana-WJ3H031002-Leaf-WJ3H734804-Attap chee_J3H523805-Bougainvellea-WJ3H157106-Palm seed-WJ3H1067b07-Pong pong_J3H451608-palm fibre-WJ3H221809-Leaf animal-WJ3H219018-leaf mountain-WJ3H7289s10-Leaf veins-WJ3H160211-Pod Albizia-WJ3H731912-Seed rubber-WJ3H158614-Lotus Flower-WJ3H4941b13-Ginger leaf-WJ3H4926aARN_7929sWJ3H2881 (1b)WJ3H6756 copy_resize12-palm fibre-WJ3H2225s

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