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Mandalay hill children viewing scenery from archwayMandalay hill young couple amongst archesMandalay hill boy pedlar selling deep fried snack on staircaseMandalay Kuthodaw Paya entranceMandalay Kuthodaw Paya kids on a wall with nat statueMandalay statue workshop women polishing marble Buddha statueMandalay statue workshop man engraving brass Buddha statueMandalay Mahamuni Paya men devotees pasting gold foil on Mahamuni BuddhaMandalay Mahamuni Paya women devotees touching Khmer bronze statue of ShivaMandalay Mahamuni Paya boy sitting on Khmer bronze statue of AiravataMandalay Mahamuni Paya children touching Khmer bronze statue of mythical lionMandalay statue shop man pasting gold foil on Buddha statueMandalay Amarapura U Bein BridgeMandalay Amarapura U Bein Bridge seen from boat bowMandalay Amarapura U Bein Bridge boat manMandalay Sacred Heart Cathedral interior

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